Varieties of Fancy Rats

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Fancy rats are domesticated cousins of the rats that are found in the wild. They are very intelligent and affectionate animals. Owners of pet rats couldn't dream of owning a different kind of animal as a pet. Here we will go over some of the variations you can find in your search for a pet rat.

Fancy rats can be found in several main colors, markings, and different coat types that have been developed through breeding. They brown rat that is commonly found in the wild has a coat that has agouti coloring. This, simply, means that each hair has three color tones on it. Fancy rats can still be found with this coloring but they can, also, have coloring that is based in black. This gives each hair just one solid color. These create coats that look chocolate or beige, among other colors.

Himalayan rats have coats that are white and gradually blend some coloring toward the nose. The opposite of this is a self. This means that the coat is a solid color but not white. Between these two extremes is a mix and match of different colors and markings. Markings just refers to the patterns made by different colored fur. There are standards that are set to define where markings should be and what colors they are but these aren't followed very often.

You can even have a choice when it comes to your rat's type of body. Dumbo rats have large ears that are round and located on the sides of the animals head. The Manx rat gets it's name from the Manx cat which are bred to be tailless.

Different types of coats are currently being developed. These aren't yet considered to be standard variations but, most likely, will be in the future. These coats include the Rex coat, in which each hair is curled, the Velveteen, which is a softer version of the Rex, and Harley, which has long and straight hairs.

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Varieties of Fancy Rats

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This article was published on 2010/10/31