Mother's Day Flower Colors And Its Meaning

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Do you purchase Mother's Day Flowers in almost every color and shade imaginable, from the deepest red roses to pale white and purple orchids? You should know that not every flower color has the same meaning. Most people think that sending a red rose is a romantic gesture and that pink roses and carnations are traditional flowers for Mothering Sunday. Flowers’ colors are plentyful, but what is the best to send and why?
Green flowers represent nature and a sense of renewal of health of energy. As a base color, they make a good addition to any floral arrangement but on their own look too dull and boring.
Pink is a good choice for Mother's Day. It's a very feminine, subtle and homely color. If buying roses for Mother's Day, pink is often the favored color. Camellias also brighten any bouquet by adding a touch of elegance. Pink conveys joy, innocence, youthfulness and grace.
White is often chosen as a flower color. The color white is also associated with wedding bouquets because it represents innocence and purity. Like the color green, white flowers mix well with any other color and they can provide either a good base flower in a floral arrangement or the primary flower tone balancing others colors in the same display.
Yellow represents joy and happiness. The color yellow can often signal danger in the animal kingdom or 'food here' to the insects. It is a very exotic color.

Lavender like white represents femininity and elegance. This is partially because Lavender was the choice of flower that the wealthy used to scent themselves prior to the advent of modern-day plumbing and regular showers.
Blue is considered a soothing color with its calming floral tones. Like the color white, blue flowers also represent purity. Don't place blue and red colored flowers together unless they are both deep and striking shades.
Purple flowers are associated with royalty and the wealthy. In days gone by, purple flowers were always reserved by florists strictly for their wealthier customers. The giving of purple flowers conveys the feelings of importance and wealth.
Red flowers are heavily associated with passion and love. Although red flowers, usually in the form of roses, are commonly exchanged between intimate partners, it doesn't mean that they aren't appropriate for a Mom. Just look beyond their association and see red roses for what they really are, beautiful flowers.
Whatever color of flower you choose to give your Mom on Mother's Day, I am sure she will appreciate them. Just spare some thought to the color and type of flower and watch the smile on her face as she receives them.
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Mother's Day Flower Colors And Its Meaning

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This article was published on 2010/05/03