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A rich, deep color is desirable, but not a depth of color that approaches black.  The average consumer must shop around and train the eye to distinguish between a nice depth of color and a stone that is too dark.As a general rule, it is even more important to shop around when considering colored gemstones than it is when buying Tiffany 1837.  You must develop an eye for all the variables of color; hue, intensity, tone, and distribution.  Some stones simply exhibit a more intense, vivid color than other stones (all being equal), but only by extensive visual comparison can you develop your eye to perceive differences and make reliable judgment.For example, let's discuss the variations among rubies for a moment. The finest red rubies are Burmese. While they are not a pure red, these are the closest to pure. The tone may vary, however, from very light to very dark.

As with most stones, the very light to very dark.  As with most stones, the very light stones and very dark sell for less per carat. Burmese rubies are the most highly prized and the most expensive, because of desirability of their color and their scarcity. They also exhibit a beautiful red in all light, while rubies from other locations may exhibit a lovely red only in incandescent light ( such as you find in candlelight, lamplight, chandeliers, and most evening light) and become pinkish or purplish when seen in fluorescent light.Thai rubies can vary tremendously in hue and tone, going from a light to a dark red varying degrees of a bluish undertone, giving them a purplish cast and making them look like the much cheaper reddish purple gemstone, the garnet.

Most gem pricing guides use at least one of these systems to describes the quality of the stones they are pricing, but problems still exist with color communication, and no solution seems imminent, and no system has yet replaced the ages old eye and brain combination, coupled with years of experience in the colored gemstone field.The key elements in describing colorThe color we see in gems is always some combination of pure spectral colors, which range from pure red to pure violet, coupled with varying degrees of brown, white, black, and gray.  It is these later colors, in combination with spectral colors, that affect the tone of the color seen and that make the classification of color so difficult.

Determining value in colored gemsColor is the most important determinant of value in color gems.  It is also, too often, the principal determinant in erroneous identification because, unfortunately, most people don't realize how many gems look alike in color.  And even professionals in the trade can be misled or caught of-guard.  Too often recognition and identification are based on color alone because so few Top quality tiffany 1837 and customers are aware of the large number of similarly colored stones that are available.Until recently, the gemstone industry has promoted very few colored stones, concentrating instead on the more precious and profitable gems.



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This article was published on 2010/11/30