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like to print photos of friends, DIY know, four-color printer performance of colorful pictures, often appeared to be inadequate, whether or bright color saturation levels are not, and photo-processing effects. To enhance the quality inkjet printing, many of the original four-color printer cartridge manufacturers on the basis of an additional light cyan ink cartridge light magenta, and achieve multi-color processing, significantly improve image realism and richness of color.

Now Projector Also entered the generation of multi-color processing. With the projector in all walks of life becomes pervasive, users are no longer simply the pursuit of high brightness, but attention gradually shifted to the reduction of color and expression. Color reproduction of the projector has become a measure of a key indicator of performance. At present, the user's performance requirements for the projector not only cover the brightness, resolution, contrast, reliability, and dust and so consideration of color reproduction is also put forward higher requirements, whether rich or the accuracy of color sense, must be high level of performance. Therefore, the projection technology began in the past three colors that evolved to deal with the latest six-color processing.

In the display system, all the colors are the three kinds of color made by a certain percentage ratio. Depends on the traditional projector shows red, green and blue synthetic, creating a variety of colors. However, as requested by the user to upgrade to color, projection technology innovation. The market began to realize the projection of six-color processing technology?? Developed by Texas Instruments DLP is the "ultimate color" technology. The success of new technology breakthroughs address the traditional concept of the three primary colors, using up to six colors of treatment?? In the red, green, blue, based on add yellow, blue and magenta and other complementary color. Complementary color to add, can increase the number of color matching, greatly enhance the richness of color to create more than 200 trillion kinds of different colors, representing the high-end Plasma TV Three times. Meanwhile, with the complementary color of the deployment of video and images of natural scenery to occupy over 90% of the proportion of intermediate color?? The middle of the image color is pure red, pure green, blue color outside?? Also receive significant brightness and color upgrade. In fact, around the color in our lives, most of the middle color. Therefore, the middle six-color processing for color enhancement, representing a more accurate color representation, closer to real.

Worth mentioning is that the high contrast performance can be a plus for the color. Relationship with the image contrast and detail in the level of performance, rich colors with clear lines and rich details, whether users or rearward front seats, can be like near the border feel. General, DLP projectors, at least 2000:1 contrast ratio over the original, may be more than 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

2007, more than 70 global models of DLP with BrilliantColor projector market, in the projector industry has attracted great interest. In the next few years, DLP's BrilliantColor technology DLP projector will remain in the absolute backing of color performance. As more and more technology with BrilliantColor projectors on the market, the projector will also deal with the traditional three-color full access to the new era of multi-color processing.

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Dlp Brilliantcolor Projector Into The Multi

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This article was published on 2010/10/12