Decoration of aluminum windows

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Interior decoration oil Paint before the The right steps has first elimination of the old duplex (if required ) ( with of white water add water mix oil on the wall , it is easy to shovel away the old gray Rights ); Pihui ( purpose is to walls uneven the place fill Straight ); oil to the oil can (to landscaping and decoration use in ); oil dumb white primer first ( to protect duplex and moisture the role of ) ; polished smooth , and Qing Li clean and (to the excess ash grind away And to make the walls straight ); shiny oil ( The aim is to gray background get real ) .

In Project a plan Under pushed the wooden fence , marching quartzite Road, came to the garden center , camphor tree , a swing leisurely hammock , surrounded by water, grass, a days , the kind of life scenario is that many urban living High-rise the people the dream life of . urban Rapid development, people more and more wealthy can away from nature seem farther and farther . can bring People that life home products, is the villa ; be able to restore people to such life scenes place is the villa gardens. through Horticultural activities to achieve treatment , the doctors let mood swings patients walk through the gardens , to stabilize mood. In the nineteenth century, the United States began to use horticultural therapy to psychiatric patients. Horticultural Therapy is recognized as a treatment method. With the widely applied to different objects , universities and colleges to organize horticultural therapy. Horticultural therapy through gardening activities such as landscaping and gardening projects, dried flowers, crafts, therapeutic landscape design , so that participants gain social, emotional , physical, cognitive, spiritual and creative benefits.

Decoration of aluminum windows and doors With the new transformation , from the color point of view, color wood inkjet , romantic champagne , aristocratic brown , have already received consumers , as well as composite aluminum wood structure has become a many home fashion people favorite of . . are now Fitting doors and windows technology also constantly updated , it is understood , the traditional aluminum alloy appearance of the main by oxidation and painting techniques, decorative , corrosion resistance , scratch resistance , environmental protection, not as good as the current electrophoresis technology and inkjet technology . now Many consumers are focus on doors and windows making , color , etc. , but the production process little is known about . Traditional aluminum surface treatment is mainly oxide and painting based, color dull, rough appearance , metallic strong than the painting, powder coating is more decorative . by the champagne aluminum alloy Produced doors and windows , has become the main market products. Romantic champagne production is the latest gardening projects, each point , surface, holes can be evenly coated , texture smooth and delicate , color and warmth , highlighting aristocratic temperament. color Wood paint Aluminum doors and windows is also Today a popular , color style rich and varied color wooden windows and doors, with a stylish beautiful brown aluminum facade , it shows combining Chinese and Western , fashion and retro the perfect combination of .

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Decoration of aluminum windows

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This article was published on 2010/09/27