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When you see colors what do you see? Some people see the color itself and some people see more!
Since I was a little girl in Moga, small town of Punjab in India, playing basket ball with my friends and having a good time. I was fascinated by colors and their effect on me, I like colors, and they have their own language. I started drawing and painting from the time I was eight. As I matured in my artwork, my relationship to color changed also. I got more passionate and more interested in using color in my life and experiencing what colors provided for me. It becomes my hobby and I have a lot interest in paintings and drawings.
Think about it. Something we see everywhere is color! Everywhere! In our clothing, the rooms of our houses, our furniture, nature, animals, birds, books, and even on our bodies. They bring something in your life. Have you ever thought about what color your life is?
Yes, your life itself… the life you're living! Did you ever think what color your Love is? Or the color of your happiness?  Or your passion, your anger, your peace of mind, your joy?
Interesting, yes?
I think the color of life is different for different people and time to time you find someone who has the same color passion as you have, and then there we go…sparks! Or on the flip side, you meet someone with the same color anger as you do, and you run for your life!
So, let's look and see what colors we get! Where should I start?
Love, yes love is a good place to start. The color of my love is blue! I know most people would think love should be red…like Valentine's Day…so mine is different and I will tell you why. When I think about the people I love, I am so calm and peaceful; I am full of joy and happiness. I think about my mother, my close friend and I feel lots of laughter and joy and blue is everywhere, like sky...Everywhere is love and peace.  My mother's love is like blue for me, I feel it everywhere. When I think about the boy I love – same thing. I can feel joy in the color blue.

Whats the color of my passion? My passion color is dark purple! Because it's so deep, passion is big part of my life, passion for life, passion for art, Passion for my work, Passion for beauty. And of course, passion for handsome man! It's deep and it's burning! When I work on my painting or drawings, make a sculpture, or write poetry – I'm on fire! And when I'm in love with a handsome man "jimmy "who is full of love, caring, brings true happiness in life that's why my whole life is on purple fire! I don't know why?

Did you ever notice the color of your anger and upset? Mine is kind of white. I become so empty when I'm angry and upset that I don't think about anything else. I just get so deeply empty. Just white everywhere.

What's the color of my peace of mind? I tell you – it's green! Just a beautiful light green. What do you think? It reminds me of woods on a mountain and the greenery of spring, I love nature, flowers, green grass, animals, birds sing and a lot more.

What's the color of my friendship? It's black! Because what i share with my friends they just absorb it, I love my color of friendship. I have friend "Rohit" who treat me with kindness, never be hurtful, as a person he is wonderful.

I could go on and on about my relationship to colors, but I want you to think about yours.
See your own unique color of life......... :)

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Art of living colorfully

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This article was published on 2011/03/24